Don't Get Stuck In The Rental Cycle

Did you know... First-time buyers do not need the traditional 20% down payment to buy a house? There are programs to get you into a home for as little at 3% down and even 0% down for some. Mortgage interest rates are at an all-time low, making this is the perfect time to make the investment of buying your own home! You could be paying the same or less for your mortgage than what you are already paying in rent!

Not that you need any but here are a few reasons why renting isn’t helping you prepare for the future and how we can help get you out of the cycle:

• Rent payments most probably cost more than what your monthly mortgage would be.

• Rent will continue to rise as the home value increases, where mortgage payments are a fixed agreement.

• You also won’t see any of the homeowner's tax benefits when renting.

• Rental life doesn’t offer stability. Rent may increase and/or rental management may decide not to renew your agreement.

• Every mortgage payment you make toward your house builds more and more equity every month.

Ready to get out of the rental cycle and move into your very own dream home? Please Call, Text, or DM me if you’re ready to start thinking about the future I can help get you there.